Auditorium Renovation


Raising Funds For New Seating

The seats in the Guilford Auditorium are shot. After roughly 45 years of service they’re falling apart and have become a real eyesore. We are working with the school to raise awareness of this problem and raise the nearly $103,000 needed to replace the 600 seats. If we all pitch in $10 or $20 we can get this done and create a much nicer environment for the many activities held in the auditorium.

We understand that times are tough, so give what you can, and tell your friends. There are many Guilford grads scattered all over the country who are very successful. We need your help in finding them and filling them in on the need for financial support. Guilford has helped set the course for many successful lives. Please consider giving something back so we can maintain this tradition.

Make checks out to Guilford Booster Club Auditorium Fund and send them to:

Guilford Booster Club C/O

Guilford High School

5620 Spring Creek Road

Rockford, IL  61114

Thanks in advance for your help.